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Mel & Steff Doll - Jessica

Mel & Steff Doll - Jessica

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We are just like you’.
The Mel and Steff textile doll tagline says it all.

Our philosophy at Mel and Steff is to create little people that resemble children from all walks of life, spanning across the globe, across a multitude of ethnicities. Lovingly handmade, each little doll encompasses features that not only represents, but celebrates the beauty of diversity.

Mel & Steff™  cloth dolls are handmade with meticulous attention to detail, right down to their cute little button nose.

Each textile doll is individually cut, sewn & stuffed. Faces are hand drawn & then embroidered with the finest of stitches. Yarn for hair is wrapped around the template, then cut & sewn, ready to be attached by hand to the doll. Outfits are cut & sewn individually.

At Mel & Steff there are no factory lines. Each doll is handcrafted by skilled artisans. Therefore, our rag dolls are just like little people, some cheeky, some cute and no two are alike!

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