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Ethicool Book - Watermelon PIp

Ethicool Book - Watermelon PIp

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Blue-eyed pip is juicy-sweet, but mightily sassy, too! She eats watermelon for breakfast, lunch and tea, sharing with no-one, no matter how hard they try. One day, though, the watermelon supply dries up. There are no watermelons at the little shop, the big shop, or the online shop. Not one. Pip has a sinking feeling in her hungry, little tummy.

That is, until she remembers all those watermelon pips she used to spit over the fence while swinging on her tyre swing! She scales the fence, and sure enough, right there is a joyous garden of homegrown watermelons! Pip is overjoyed! But, just as she's about to begin devouring that juicy flesh, she remembers all the hungry faces with whom she never shared.

She knows what she has to do 😉 And, so begins one of the most beautiful endings to one of the most heartwarming children's picture books you're ever likely to read.

An excerpt from the story

Watermelon was Pip’s favourite food in the whole wide world. She loved its bright pink colour. 

She loved the taste of its sweet, crunchy flesh. She loved that it had its very own handle when cut into triangles.

Pip loved watermelon so much she kept it all to herself. There wasn’t enough for her classmates. 

There wasn’t enough for her very best friend, Indie. And there definitely wasn’t enough for her brother, Luca.


Pip sat on her tyre swing thinking about all of the watermelon she had wasted and how on days like this she loved spitting those little seeds over the fence. 

"Of course!" 

Pip ran to the fence, peered over and saw... 

A garden of watermelons!

Pip rushed inside and began to devour her watermelon. But instead of happiness she had that sinking feeling in her tummy. 

Pip knew what she had to do.

She harvested all of the watermelons and delivered the biggest one to her classmates. She found Indie and gave her the perfect triangle. Then she chopped some cubes for Luca. 

Word quickly spread about Pip’s watermelons. 

They were the pinkest, sweetest, crunchiest watermelons anyone had ever tasted.

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