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Cashmere Gloves - Hot Pink

Cashmere Gloves - Hot Pink

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100% Recycled Cashmere

This piece was made with zero waste and all love.

We make sure that the quality, thickness and softness is always consistent, but the color can vary. We get as close to the color you selected with some slight variations. We can't mass produce, since it is a very clean rigorous process and we don't use any dyes.

Hand wash or professionally dry clean all of your cashmere products. Hand wash using warm water (no more than 40 degrees) and a delicate detergent.

To dry: Lay the items flat in their natural shape on a drying rack or clean towel. Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources, such as the radiator, because they can shrink or damage wool. Never hang wet wool. 

Quick Dry: Lay one item flat on a towel. With the item in its original shape, roll it up in the towel (like a sleeping bag) to remove the excess water.

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