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Reverse UPF50 Umbella - Vintage Roses

Reverse UPF50 Umbella - Vintage Roses

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the Reverse or Backward Umbrella, not only look stunning on the underside when in use, there is an added third fused inner layer with a sun safe UPF50 PLUS rating. This means it provides both UVA and UVB protection for 98% of harmful UV rays. Now your upside down umbrella can protect you on both sunny and rainy days. So, whether there is a shower, rain, cloud or sun, you are now shielded from the harsh Australian weather.

This Reverse umbrella has innovative features that make the traditional umbrella obsolete:

  • Opens in reverse.

             -  You can now put your umbrella up over a narrowly opened car door as so not to get wet while leaving or entering a car.
             -  The wet side of the umbrella folds in so your legs stay dry when hurrying into a car or on a bus with your umbrella next to you.

  • Stands up by itself. Very handy when shopping and for drying when wet.
  • Loop Handle for hooking onto your forearm, leaving a hand free for other important things such as 'texting or 'Insta'ing'.
  • Gorgeous designs on the underside of the umbrella when up.
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