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Mizzie The Kangaroo Memory Match 4-in-1 Flash Card Set

Mizzie The Kangaroo Memory Match 4-in-1 Flash Card Set

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Flourish Your Mind with Mizzie The Kangaroo's 'Mizzie Memory Match & Flash Cards'! A multi-level memory match and flashcard game to flourish the curious toddlers' mind! 

The curious toddler's mind will HOP into a fun learning journey with our JUMBO 4-in-1 Mizzie Memory Match Game! This 36 Cards, 18 Pairs and 3 Level game set will exercise their blossoming brain in a FUN and INTERACTIVE way!

Perfectly sized for toddler's hands, this gorgeous 36 card, Mizzie Memory Match Game can be used to play 4 DIFFERENT GAMES:

- Colour & Shape Sorting!

- Memory Match up to 18 Pairs with 3 Levels between 4, 5 and 18!

- Recognise Numbers and Count from 1-5!

- Recognise Basic Lettering A-D with true Aussie items!

This game will help your little one improve their:

- Concentration, Alertness & Attention to Detail!

- Visual, Short-Term Memory, & Sight Memorisation  

- Reasoning & Critical Thinking Skills

- Colour, Shape, Number & Letter Memory

- Ability to Group, Sort & Class

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