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Canvas - Horse with Flowers

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The Canvas Mini Horse Flowers is a visually arresting artwork that is thematically centred on one of man's oldest domesticated animals - horses. The artwork pictures a brown horse with a charming expression and a cute mane. Being sensitive animals, the ears of the horse are taut and erect while trying to get a reading out of the artist. With the added floral motif, it would be a perfect room décor especially for girls.

Did you know that horses are super sensitive animals with the ability to tell when you are afraid, nervous and other such emotions? It is amazing that for thousands of years, they've been side by side with humans while performing various roles and functions. Today, they are mostly for sports and entertainment. Though they may be very expensive to afford, however, everyone can afford this pretty portrait. And to make it even more alluring for girls, the horse is depicted as having a colourful patch of flowers on its head.

Canvas size 25cm x 30cm